In our circular knitting machines, which range from 6 gauge to 36 gauge,
  Fabric production is done.
Ne 4 - Ne 120 range of cotton, viscose, modal, elastane, polyester and natural-synthetic blended yarns from various qualities dyed  and printed production is done.

Single plate and double plate,
In different gauges knitting machines,
 We are producing  jersey, pique, ribana, interlock, cardigan,ottoman, fleece.
The greige fabric production capacity of our factory is 45 tons / day.

Dyeing and finishing are done on knitted fabrics produced from cotton, viscose, polyester and mixed yarns.
In addition to normal finishing processes, silky finishing, anti microbial (soy, milk, mineral, organic), sweat repellent and so on. Special finishes can also be applied. The capacity of our paint-finishing facility is 30 tons / day.

Reactive, pigment, disperse, devore and digital printing processes can be done.
Print design designs are originally made by our own designers.
We also use our customers' own designs.
The capacity of our operation is 15 tons / day.

All our greige fabrics from our knitting operations,After being passed through the raw quality control process, it is shipped to the dye-house.
Each batch processed in dye-house is passed through semi quality control after each process.
All finished fabrics are final checked at 100% before being shipped.
Our production processes conform to the OEKO-TEX 100 standards and our company also has an organic cotton fabric production certificate.